Hello, my name is Dale and I am on a healthy living journey.  I have been overweight  my entire life, on a roller coaster ride of losing and gaining the weight back. I have had a really great life with my English wife, Joan, and our two grown kids. I met Joan while in the U.S. Navy stationed in Naples, Italy.  We were married at the chapel on the NATO base by the Italian Army chaplin.  We settled in Florida in 1977 and I went to work at a telecommunications company.  The telecom industry is pretty volitile and we bounced around the country with several different companies before finally settling outside Chicago in 1990. 

Food has always been a major part of my life. I grew up in New England on a small farm before joining the Navy and spending a couple of years in the midwest before my transfer to Italy (great food there).  We lived in several different states where we discovered different foods before coming back to the midwest.  In 1994, I was diagnosed with leukemia and told that I only had five years to live.  My weight no longer bothered me and I decided to live my life to the fullest in the time I had left.  Well, to make a long story short, I have lived with my leukemia for 16 years now and am in remission.  My doctor told me late last year that the leukemia will not kill me but my weight probably will.  Thus, the start of my healthy lifestyle journey.  I have lost 50 pounds since April of this year and am almost halfway to my goal weight of 199 pounds. 

Some of my friends have suggested that I write a blog to share my journey with others.  I love to cook and have developed many recipes that incorporate low fat and low calories but taste great.  The biggest thing for me is that this is not a diet, but a total lifestyle change including eating the right foods and exercise. I hope that you will try the recipes that I post and most of all that you enjoy reading my ramblings. 

Cheers,        Dale


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